The War of 1812 in Wisconsin

The Privates' Experience: Two Men, Two Continents, Two Invasions, 1812 & 1814

Minnesota Veterans of the 'First Forgotten Conflict'

The Ioway Indians in the War

The Federal City in its Early Days

The 7th U. S. Infantry in the Midwest

U. S. Naval Squadron—New Orleans, 1814

Was Jean-Baptiste A Spy?

Thomas Hamilton, First Infantry

Minnesota's 1812 Pioneers

The Regulars at Prairie

Another Forgotten War

The War of 1812 and the Oregon Country

The Roles Women Played in the War of 1812

The Americans at Prairie du Chien

A Discussion on the USS Carolina and Crew

Anatomy of a Light Infantry Company

La Fete de St. Jean-Baptiste: a French-Canadian Tradition

Some Notes on the Treaty of Ghent

Joseph Bates, 1812 Sailor

A Comparison of Officers and Enlisted Men of the War of 1812

The Seventh Infantry at New Orleans

Tippecanoe: In Their Own Words

Florida--1812 Junior, or Why Americans Didn't Trust the Army

The Shawnee in the War of 1812

The story of Andrew Jackson, Robert Stuart Castelreigh, and George Canning's Left Buttock

Federal Indian Laws and Policy through the War of 1812

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