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USS Carolina Gun Crew

Like most ships of the U.S. Navy, the USS Carolina was trapped in port by the British blockade when it came home for refitting. Since the ship was unable to leave port, crew members trained in naval artillery were used to man cannons on land. USS Carolina crew manned the American artillery during the battle of Bladensburg, where a hastily assembled American force attempted to stop the British attack on Washington. The Carolina's sailors were one of the few units not to break and run.

The members of the UMB who portray these sailors serve as artillery crews at reenactments and living history events.Carolina gun crew demonstrate artillery at Historic Ft. Snelling They have manned cannons at Historic Ft Snelling, Ft. McHenry, and Chalmette National Park (Battle of New Orleans). They fire cannons as part of battles, and for demonstrations to event visitors.

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