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The Upper Mississippi Brigade uses living history to teach the general public about the War of 1812, known also as "The American War" on the British side. It has sometimes been referred to as America's First Forgotten War. We set up camps, wear the clothing of the time, and engage in activities of the people involved in the war; everything from drilling, to camp cooking, to repairing clothes, to making sure the officers don't catch us not working. We let our visitors handle reproduction artifacts, watch our drills, and talk to us --- in 1812 or now.

We portray regular military, militia, civilian, and women's roles in the War of 1812 at reenactments in the Midwest, and sometimes elsewhere. We're based in the Twin Cities, but we welcome members from anywhere. Members can portray as many roles as they care to develop, but we encourage them to portray at least one of our main units, which are The Mississippi Volunteers, Taylor's Company of the 7th U.S. Infantry, and a USS Carolina Naval Artillery Unit. We also portray other units, depending on the needs of the host site.

Please click around our site and learn about us and the time we portray.

We now have a Facebook group, and we've begun putting up event pages. After a long neglect, the events page has been updated March 8 2011.


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